Monday, September 24, 2007

Gossip popular request

I did manage to catch the pilot of the new CW Gossip Girl, which will air on Wednesdays at 9, so if you're not interested in either Private Practice or The Bionic Woman, you should watch Gossip Girl. Also, it shows Sundays at 8 for now, if you miss Wednesday. This is a crazy, up-to-the-minute kind of show that will look horribly outdated someday (like when you see huge cell phones now in the age if mini-cells). However, it's even a little ahead of most people across the country I hope. It takes place in New York City, at a preppy, private high school. However, this are nothing like high school was for me. They are extremely wealthy, extrememly techie (everyone has a blackberry on hand), and yet still just like all high school kids: catty, self-involved, insecure, and dealing with sex, alcohol, and drugs on a minute-by-minute basis. Everything is fast-paced, the way it feels like high school is, where everything can change party to party. The actors are pretty good, considering they're so young. The main girl, Serena, has just mysteriously returned from boarding school, and we find out she slept with her best friends boyfriend before she left for boarding school. Serena is played by one of the girls from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and her best friend Blair also has a pretty long acting resume, and they play bitchy while kissing each other on the cheek really well. It's a very trashy show, but in the best way - it's a totally different life than any you've known. It's weird to watch high school students have as much sex and alcohol as they do - openly at bars even, but that's just my knee-jerk reaction to something different. I'll definitely keep watching until I have to actually confess that I'm addicted.

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