Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Saving Grace - Holly Hunter is not what's annoying...

The new show that follows "The Closer" on Monday nights on TNT is Holly Hunter's jump into television, called "Saving Grace". She plays Grace Hanadarko, a police detective in Oklahoma City. The setting is actually the most interesting part of the show. Her sister was killed in 1995 when the Federal Building was bombed, and her brothers were fire fighters on the scene as well. Grace has taken her nephew to the memorial to remember his mom. It's the first time I've seen anything mirroring the devastation that occurred on 9/11 in a smaller community. So far, in each episode Grace has to solve some kind of crime, many dealing with cattle ranching or ranchers. Also, Grace is having an affair with one of her partners. All of this would be interesting on its own and would be a terrific series. However, God also has a role, in the angel Earl who comes and bothers Grace about swearing, drinking, and having an affair and basically blaspheming. He's really a superfluous element. The car accident that happens in the pilot and brings Earl's presence into Grace's life would have been enough for anyone to want to change some of their life around. There's not really a need for Earl to keep annoying Grace because it's not done particularly well and draws away from the story each week. I'm going to keep watching as she gets more interesting, and they ordered an additional 13 episodes.

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