Friday, August 10, 2007

Bourne, gone but not forgotten

I think Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) could kick James Bond's (Daniel Craig) butt. I think he's smarter, more resourceful, and never takes advantage of the ladies which can often distract Bond. I would say that Bond has much more fun, but Bourne could win in a fight. So I saw the third in the series, The Bourne Ultimatum, today. It's definitely a good ending to the series because it answers the main question - where did Bourne come from and why does he know how to be a spy? And it still has lots of assassins trying to kill Bourne (and always losing, suckers). The action is well choreographed and I did chew off several fingernails watching them try to win. Oh, and an addition to the Bourne series is David Strathairn as the scary second-in-command of the evil people (some version of the CIA) who is willing to kill anyone around Bourne just to try to get to him. Joan Allen does a great job trying to take down the bad guys and Albert Finney is always excellent explaining why he's bad but you should forgive him. It's not a terrific movie, but the actors and exceptional action sequences make it worth while.


Cat said...

Oh, I so want to see it! Does it make you motion sick? The chase scenes in the second one made me kinda queasy.

Jess said...

No, they did a good job of keeping the camera steady, which most TV shows are slipping at lately! Mostly it's hand-to-hand combat and the last one was a lot of car chases, and so less motion in general, increases the ease of watching.