Friday, August 3, 2007

The Innocence of Fun

One of the main reasons I still subscribe to Entertainment Weekly, besides my entertainment obsession, is Stephen King's column called "The Pop of King". It comes out monthly, I think, in EW, and I look forward to reading it every time. He does lists of things he loves (rock music, summer reading books, music that isn't getting played on the radio but still rocks, TV shows not being acknowledged, etc.) and also comments on things he finds interesting. This week it's about a video he saw on Ellen about a guy dancing in Best Buy. While this is a small thing, he describes why it's terrific so well. The moment of fun in all things entertainment should be savored. Sometimes it's called a guilty pleasure, sometimes chick flick, and all sorts of other ways to describe the moment when you really burst with happiness from something being done just to your taste. I find that moment watching The West Wing all the time. But there are other things too - many of which I've described on this blog. Here's one of my favorites from Boston Legal:

Denny: It's fun being me. (Thinks) Is it fun being you?

Alan: Most of the time.

I just love it!

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