Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Guilty Confession

I loved "Blades of Glory". I confess. I have not generally been a fan of Will Ferrell's comedy, though he always has bits of hilarity. "Elf" is fun to watch - mostly because the writing stays funny thoughout (c'mon, a letter written on an etch-a-sketch, "I'm sorry I ruined your lives, and crammed eleven cookies into the VCR" is about as funny as it comes). But I admit, I laughed my ass off at "Blades of Glory". And here's why you should see it in a theater - the groans of all the guys and the giggles of all the girls every time Will Ferrell or Jon Heder gets hit in the nuts. Now I hated "Napolean Dynamite" and couldn't be bothered to see "Talladega Nights", but the interaction between the two main characters in BoG is often priceless. There's a scene that still makes me giggle in the recollection, where they're stretching facing each other with their feet pushing on each others. Heder's foot slips and nails Ferrell in the nuts. It was clearly an accident, but when they resume stretching, Ferrell seeks revenge. I understand if you're not laughing at my description of this scene, which is why you MUST see this movie in a theater, or with a lot of guys. As a girl, it's more fun laughing at the guys groaning about getting hit in the nuts, than the scene itself dictates. One of my friends likened it to the scene in the recent "Casino Royale" when Bond is being tortured naked on a chair. That scene only makes sense if you're sitting listening to the men in the audience cowered in imagined pain. So, girls, go see Blades of Glory in the theater, and guys, you'll love it anyway, but see it with girls so you can groan for them.


alexa said...

i already mentioned this over chat, but you MUST see talladega nights !! i giggled the whole way through and about peed myself during some parts. yes, it is stupid. but if you have had any exposure to the nascar culture (real exposure, not just on tv), but are not actually a diehard fan of said nascar, then this movie is irresistably funny.

also, it has one up on borat because there is no naked wrestling scene. (thankfully)

Jess said...

I'm convinced...I will add it to my Netflix list immediately.