Friday, April 20, 2007

Another Robin Hood? Yes, please!

The BBC has been sending terrific shows to their old colony recently. Of course, many are also available on DVD, so you don't have to catch them on BBC America live. However, importing Jonas Armstrong immediately would be a good idea, preferably onto a successful TV show that lasts forever. The very sexy and smoldering Mr. Armstrong plays the most recent Robin of Loxley returning from the crusades to find the evil Sheriff of Nottingham usurping his serfs. This version shows Saturdays at 9pm on BBC America, and has a terrific supporting cast. They manage funny quips between Robin's gang of merry men (and a woman) and continuous uncertain banter between our love interests. For a change, the old Sheriff is not trying to steal Marion (who almost convinces us she doesn't want Robin anymore anyway). There's another bad guy in cahoots with the Sheriff who does his evil bidding, and is the weakest link on the show, mostly due to his lackluster sneering and stupid dialogue. However, it leaves room for the Sheriff to actually be a fun rival for Robin. Robin even brokes into the Sheriff's bedroom and they have "pillow talk". This first season comes out on DVD June 5, and I highly recommend adding it to your list if you can't catch it on TV.


Alexa said...

The Sheriff from Robin Hood is in a BBC miniseries called North and South, and it's fabulous. I mean, it's no Pride and Prejudice, but it's fun. (as a disclaimer, it is Pride and Prejudice set in the North of England during the industrial revolution).

alexa said...

weird. i definitely didn't write that last comment and have never seen the BBC north and south. i have, however, seen parts of the epic american miniseries, north and south. totally unrelated, but includes patrick swayze.

Alexa said...

Hey, wait a minute! Who's putting up comments as me!?!?! I'm having an identity crisis. Perhaps I should write my name as Alexa Z. That might fix everything.