Monday, January 25, 2010

Things I learned from the SAG awards this weekend.

I enjoy watching the Screen Actors Guild awards because they don't bother with anything beyond the actors. They line up as many actors as possible, and rarely because they're promoting a new movie, just popular actors. The speeches tend towards the sincere and self-deprecating, but attempt at as much humor as possible. This year, I keep thinking about some of the things I learned from this year's ceremony.

1. Betty White has touched all kinds of people, has a racy mind, and is probably an incredibly good person and fun to be around.

2. The SAG voters only chose 1 (yes only 1!) category different than the Golden Globes - Tiny Fey took the actress in a comedy instead of Toni Collette, which I agree with, though maybe it is time to share the wealth. There are of course categories from each ceremony not included in the other, but all the winners of individual SAG awards also won a Golden Globe last week.

3. Julianna Marguiles taught me how to finally pronounce Matt Czuchry's last name - Zoo-Cray. Since he also appeared in Gilmore Girls for several seasons, I've often wondered how it was actually pronounced.

And for some fun, here's the trailer for Marguiles' new movie that I thought looked interesting, and very well cast.

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