Monday, June 8, 2009

The Tonys

I love awards shows, I like the insider jokes (many of which I'm sure pass me by as I'm not actually an insider of any industry) and I like the hosts who try to bring their own personality to the show while staying out of the way of the people desperate to know if they won. I thought Neil Patrick Harris was terrific. A few too many off-color jokes, but overall it was extremely well done, and his obvious personal attachment to Broadway is inspiring. I saw him perform in Sondheim's Assassins a few years ago and he's wonderful on stage. The rest of the Tonys was generally well done. They chose big-name presenters so more people might be included in the fun (it's no fun to watch an awards show for people you don't know at all). My other good point was Dolly Parton coming out to start the song for 9 to 5, but then handing off to the cast (both were nominated, Dolly for writing the songs, Allison Janney for her performance, and others). It was fun, and there are lots of shows I want to go see, as always.

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