Friday, June 5, 2009

Lost and Found in space and time....

I was recently tagged by Fletch over at Blog Cabins for a meme started by Getafilm. The idea is to pick a place and time from film that you'd most want to be part of. Here are the rules, followed by my choice:

1.) Think of a place (real or fictional) and time (past, present, future) portrayed in a movie (or a few) that you would love to visit.
2.) List the setting, period, applicable movie, and year of the applicable movie's release (for reference).
3.) Explain why, however you'd like (bullet points, list, essay form, screenshots, etc.). If this is a time and place that you have intimate knowledge of, feel free to describe what was done well and what wasn't done well in portraying it.
4.) If possible, list and provide links to any related movies, websites, books, and/or articles that relate to your choice (s).
5.) Modify Rules #1-4 to your liking. And come up with a better name for this meme.
6.) Link back to this Getafilm post in your post, please.
7.) Tag at least five others to participate!

I had a hard time choosing a place I'd want to live, there are positives and negatives even in fictional places. I honestly first thought I'd like to live in the time and place of Star Trek: The Next Generation (the 24th Century for you unaware). I like the idea that they've evolved beyond a capitalist society and science and information are important. I also really want a food replicator - imagine just being able to think of your dinner and it arrives, no more cooking. But I realized 1) choosing this time and place really confirms me as a bigger nerd than I'm prepared to be, and 2) they don't dress very well.

So I thought some more and was intrigued by the world of 19th Century England as found in Sense and Sensibility (the book, mini-series or movie), but only if I was wealthy. I like the idea that nothing was required of women (not much was thought of them either) so they could really do whatever they wanted. If you're wealthy you get to live in a big house in the country going to down for balls and parties and such. It's a quiet pace of life, and you can kind of do what you want. But, there are huge drawbacks - women are not highly valued (mostly valued for their dowry in marriage and only as baby-makers afterward). So I'm not sure I'd actually enjoy it.

Then I settled on exactly where I think I would be happiest - living in Aaron Sorkin's world. Specifically in The American President (1995) version of the US. The world is environmentally friendly or at least hoping to be. They have great respect for civil rights, and they speak really fast and walk while they speak. I like it. Any of Sorkin's worlds have people who speak quickly, so pretty much they'd all be fine. And, I'd be willing to put our current President up against the fictional Michael Douglas, so I guess I'm happy to be living now.

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Buttercup said...

I'm not sure I can do all the link back and forth, but I like the idea of this. My mind instantly went to Jane Austen time, but I agree only if I was rich.

Daniel Getahun said...

Thanks for participating!

I think you had the same thoughts that many of us did - the future and the past are definitely appealing, but there are usually aspects of life during those times that we don't really consider (needing to be wealthy during Sense and Sensibility, for example). Interesting stuff - thanks again for passing it on.

Fletch said...

"and they speak really fast and walk while they speak"

Do they chew gum, too? ;)

I like that the food replicator weighed heavily on your decision for the Star Trek: TNG era. And yea, you really need that "only if wealthy" qualification for any time in the 19th century. Might be pretty miserable without that.