Monday, January 26, 2009

SAG awards, lots of fun.

There weren't a lot of surprises at the SAG awards last night (though I liked that Meryl Streep admitted she hadn't even bought a dress cause she didn't think she'd win). When Sean Penn won for Milk, he even said that now that TV people have their horse race for the Oscar (between him and Mickey Rourke). As expected "30 Rock" took all TV comedy awards (cast, actor, actress), and "John Adams" gave Laura Linney and Paul Giamatti more of their due (it's such a great mini-series, that I'm not upset they keep winning). The part I actually look foward to about the SAG awards is the opening sequence when they put the camera on lots of actors who give 30 second stories about how they became actors - Will Arnett and Steve Carrell were really funny. I enjoyed watching the whole show, and for the most part, everyone was dressed in fun, appropriate dresses (though Amy Adams looked pretty strange with "boob cups" on top of a pretty dress, which thankfully don't photograph the same way they looked on TV). Be sure to check out the LAMB soon as we all start discussing the nonminees and predicting winners.

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