Friday, January 23, 2009

Bride Wars review

Bride Wars is not for everyone - it's unapologetically a chick flick. There's even a moment in the film when the brides are asked if they need to consult their fiancees and they of course answer no. I don't think I know a guy who would love Bride Wars except maybe to watch them torture each other, but even then it's still so girly that few guys will enjoy it. Basically, two best friends (Oscar nominees Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway) get engaged at nearly the same time, and their dream since childhood is a June wedding at the Plaza hotel in New York City. They gloss over how ridiculously expensive that would be with one of them having a high paying law job and the other saving for 10 years. Anyway, they go to a wedding planner (Candice Bergen) who accidentally books their weddings the same day, causing a problem in having each other as their maid of honor. Rather than fixing it with either a double wedding or some sort of slightly staggered wedding they insist someone must change their date. They refuse, become enemies and start sabotaging the weddings. Bad tans, hair dye, scheduling snafus, etc. follow before a very sweet, but not treacly, reconciliation toward the end. It's a cute movie, go with your best friend ladies. Also, I loved seeing Chris Pratt (Everwood) as one of the fiancees (that's him in the picture with Anne). 3 lambs/stars.


Fletch said...

Chick flick or no, this looked abysmal, and I was wondering why Anne Hathaway would futz with her career momentum by starring alongside Kate Hudson in it.

Just my .02. :)

Jess said...

Fletch, I'll admit I was scared going in. The last two Kate Hudson movies were awful (my best friend's girl was the worst!). Probably because it wasn't awful that I over praised it. Anne was good and kept the movie from being ridiculous. I'm guessing the movie-making/release pace put this movie so close to her Oscar nomination by coincidence rather than design.