Saturday, July 7, 2007

Live Earth 2007

Bravo showed about 10 hours of Live Earth today - and so far it's been pretty terrific. I started watching on the Canadian Television station because when Live 8 was on in 2005 they had significantly better coverage, actually showing concerts in Other countries besides the U.S. - however, the additional information provided on the Bravo broadcast about all kinds of things 'green'. They have celebrities talking about what they do - like refitting their houses, and changing lightbulbs, etc. And the two hosts, neither of whom I recognize, are fairly innocuous. The best part so far has been this short movie "Harry and Bob: The Last Two Polar Bears". It's hysterical - Rip Torn as a polar bear searching for new housing after the polar bear caps have melted. The rest of Live Earth and highlights will be shown on NBC, and I'm sure you can get lots of highlights on since they're one of the sponsors. So far I've found 3 new artists I really liked - Danny K. from South Africa sang with the Soweto Choir, singing "Homeless" by Paul Simon, and Damian Rice and David Gray singing "Que sera sera". Oh, and go change your lightbulbs to florescent and use canvas bags at the grocery store!

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