Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Life in Movies Blog-A-Thon

The imaginative people over at Fandango Groovers have set up another blogathon.  There are a bunch of others participating - check it out here.  The goal is to represent each year of your life with films. And while it does reveal everyone's age, I don't think it's really a secret at this point.  The movies I chose are the ones that I most watch from that particular year.  Once I reached the age where I was actually watching movies I tried to choose the one my child-self would have chosen.  So there's a mixture of movies I adore, and movies I USED to adore.  Some are just movies I saw a hundred times (because we only had 7 movies in Kenya) or my brother LOVED. But good or bad, they shaped my life. 


Red said...

Hm, interesting list! Winter's Bone is the only movie that we had the same. I had sent in my draft to Castor with Almost Famous on there as well, but changed it to You Can Count on Me late on.

Still need to tackle Out of Africa. Along with the rest of Streep's older movies.

Fletch said...

I thought you said we only had one in common? I count at least four, and I love a number of your other choices. Flight of the Navigator for the win!

A bit shocked you chose The Karate Kid, though.

Joel Burman said...

Nice list! A lot of Nostalgia there. I wish I would have had room for 50st dates on my list.

Anonymous said...

Great list, thanks for taking part, I seem to be having trouble with your URL. I have changed the link to your homepage so it will be out of date as soon as you post a new blog. Let me know if you fix it.

Nick said...

Beauty and the Beast, Groundhog Day, V For Vendetta, WALL-E, and Half-Blood Prince were strong contenders in my list, as well. I think the main reason I didn't go with HBP is because I already had 2 Harry Potter flicks before it on the list. And the *only* reason Groundhog Day didn't make the cut on mine was because my 93 choice flick was watched much more often.

Kaiderman said...

Whale Rider? Seriously?
Shawshank is a contraversial one as well. I contemplated but ultimately Pulp is just iconic in a way Shawshank will never be. I wish it came out in a different year.
Howeverf, the most shocking part is how old you are. I thought you were way younger, Dude!

Jess said...

@ Red - Definitely tackle Streep's early stuff. It's great.

@ Fletch - no I think I said that was the one I was surprised by - we have a few others.

@Andy - Thanks! It was a lot of fun to do.

@Nick - I had trouble figuring out where to put in a HP movie, but that was the best that year.

@ Kai - Yes, seriously. And if you'll remember this is my own list - I was in Kenya '01-'02 and we owned 6 movies and two of them were Whale Rider and Shrek, so they have a special weird place in my own movie history. I'm not old, you're old.

Nikhat said...

Fantastic list...interesting choice with Deathly Hallows. It was my second favourite film of last year.