Thursday, May 26, 2011

Guys of the 90s - Round One: Matt Damon (3) vs Ewan McGregor (6)

Castor pointed out that hindsight is 20/20 and the fact the McConaughey didn't live up to what might have been seen as potential in the 1990s, but Mr. Clooney has really really really come through on his potential from Dr. Ross on ER.  Thankfully, that's not so much the case with today's match-up.  They both have continued pretty great careers, are part of franchises, and have strong indie cred.  But who is more iconic?

Matt Damon -90s Highlights: Courage Under Fire, Good Will Hunting, Saving Private Ryan and my favorite Dogma

Ewan McGregor - 90s Highlights: Trainspotting, Emma, Star Wars: Episode I


Fletch said...

Big fan of Ewan, but it's gotta be Damon.

Castor said...

I'm voting for the janitor who happens to be a math whizz

Nick said...

It's can't not be Damon.