Sunday, January 4, 2009

Yes Man Review

With Jim Carrey I've found it's often hard to tell if the movie will be to your taste (someone always likes his films, same with Adam Sandler. I'm just not often the person their movies are designed for). So with Yes Man, I wasn't sure if it would be a movie I'd like, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was really funny, without being too crazy or cliched. It actually went through some new material and created a unique movie. Jim Carrey is in a part of his life where he avoids his friends, spends lots of time being alone, and is more bored with life than anyone should be. He finally screws up with his best friend (Bradley Cooper) enough to be persuaded to go to a Yes seminar. The guru guy convinces him he should say yes to every opportunity, regardless of whether he wants to. This obviously allows for some hilarity (driving a homeless man around, giving out money, buying things he doesn't want, etc.) but it also gives him new opportunities for improvement (learning to fly a plane, speak Korean, play guitar). The whole of the movie means that he realizes the rut he was living in and that being more open to things allows you to meet new people, experience more things, and understand yourself a bit better. In many other hands this movie would barely make it onto late-night TV, but Jim Carrey adds his little bits of hilarity - covering his face with tape, dressing up as a toddler Harry Potter. The supporting cast is also really good - Zooey Deschanel as his kooky love interest, and Rhys Darby as his hilarious boss Norman. Normal is constantly trying to make friends with Carrey, inviting him to a Harry Potter themed costume party, a big hat party, and finally a 300-themed costume party. Overall, I liked the movie, very good but not great. 3.5 Stars/LAMBS

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