Sunday, January 11, 2009

Seven Pounds review

Ruining the plot of Seven Pounds wouldn't be fair, so this will be a short review. It's a sad movie, which I'm sure you can guess from the previews and yes it contains a love story (Rosario Dawson is good at being sick). Will Smith is terrific. He plays an IRS agent, and puts on the happiest, trustworthy face when he arrives to "audit" people, and yet his inner struggle pervades the rest of the film. It's beautiful, but by showing the different pieces out of order, it takes a long time to understand the mystery and my mom and I were discussing it in the car afterward trying to clarify all the pieces we didn't quite understand. Barry Pepper has a small role as Will's friend and attorney and is the only person who actually understands the whole movie, and his emotion made me cry. Good movie, probably best on DVD. 3 Stars/Lambs


Lise & Rob said...

Actually, I was disappointed with this movie. After last years teaming of Smith and Muccino in The Pursuit of Happiness, my expectations were high> I didn't think this was even close to last years effort

Jess said...

I really didn't like Pursuit of Happyness, so I actually wasn't expecting much - given the number of times Will Smith holds back tears in the trailer. So this movie beat my expectations but still wasn't fantastic.