Monday, April 2, 2012

My career in film

There have been a lot of photos on facebook of people describing their jobs - how they see themselves, how others see them, how parents see them.  Since I think in terms of movies, I wanted to try to give you a sense of my career path in film/TV - real and imagined.

I finished college more than a decade ago - coincidentally when A Beautiful Mind was being filmed.  The dorm in the background of this photo was where I lived my senior year.  My room was just to the right of those windows on the top floor.
  Then I got a job working for a professor running his project in Kenya studying zebras.  I felt like this:

But it was really a lot more like this:
But I felt like this:
(That's me in the background, learning how to take notes, just kidding, it's obviously Lorraine Bracco)

Then I came back to the US, moved to NYC and felt like this:
But it was really a lot more like this:

Then I decided to go back to school.  This is where the recent facebook stuff cracks me up.  So I share the best one.
And finally, this is where I have arrived (how I see myself):
And where I'd like to end up:

And if this isn't an advertisement for both the need for women in film and women in science, I don't know what is.


Rachel said...

I'd like to end up with a young Harrison Ford too. Ditch biology and get to work on that time machine!

Ryan McNeil said...

If you do indeed end up like Dr. Jones, do remember that archaeology is the search for fact - not truth

(For truth, you should have studied philosophy...or so says the good doctor himself)

Jess said...

I never search for truth. I should be all set.

Loodle said...

I love it! If you end up as young Harrison Ford teaching a class, I promise I'll sit in the front row with "Love you" tattooed on my eyelids and blink at you!

David Bishop said...

I don't know about women in science, but when I was studying for my math degree, I saw an awful lot of budding female mathematicians. For many it was because, like me, they were studying math to become math teachers, but I met an awful lot of the applied and pure mathematics women during my time in university. Still, math is notorious for the boys only stereotype. I hope to fix that as an educator.