Friday, October 21, 2011

Thoughts on Fall 2011 TV Season

I usually write up a bit more for the new Fall TV Season, but alas, my real-world job has taken over (though in a funny moment, someone at work mentioned this blog yesterday and I didn't blush or feel embarrassed so I guess it's just part of me now).  But I have a moment and want to put down my current thoughts on the 2011 TV season that has begun.

Shows I'm sticking with (unless they get cancelled):
"New Girl" - I think Zooey Deschanel has enough going into this show that I think they'll find good footing with this show concept and be able to keep it up.  It's a little rough now, but I think it'll find a groove.  The three male stars (Max Greenfield, Jake M. Johnson, Lamorne Morris) have the potential to make a great show, but we'll see how it continues.

"A Gifted Man" - I really like Patrick Wilson and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jennifer Ehle.  The concept for this show works pretty well - Ehle is a ghost appearing to her ex-husband (Wilson), a famous brain-surgeon to guilt him into taking care of her medical clinic now that she's gone.  Surprisingly the ghost part of this isn't the least believable part - it's the idea that you can actually do all the things this guy does in a day.  The newly minted Emmy-winner Margo Martindale (from "Justified") is Wilson's smart-ass assistant and a rotating group has come through as the new head honcho for the clinic.  I enjoy it.

Old Shows I still enjoy: "Grey's Anatomy" - I don't know why I watch this, but I know I'll probably never stop.  "The Big Bang Theory" - I love this show.  It makes my "nerd giggle" appear constantly (if you've ever listened to the Reel Insight Podcast, you'll recognize the occasional nerd giggle").  "How I Met Your Mother" - it's still going in really interesting and funny directions and I feel like they're wrapping it up in a great way (though who knows when they'll actually wrap it up).  "Castle" - I'm not sure they'll avoid the "Moonlighting curse" by letting the leads actually get together, but Nathan Fillion is still awesome.  "Community" - now that I teach at a Community College, this show has a whole new meaning.  They're right a lot more than they're funny so far this season.

Old Shows I just found: "Modern Family" - I know I'm quite late to the party, but it was available to watch on  a lot of my flights this summer so I feel all caught up.  "Doctor Who" - I'm only a few episodes in, but it's definitely my kind of show.

Old Shows I've given up: "Project Runway" - I swore when they picked the person I didn't like last season I would stop watching and I have!  "Desperate Housewives" - Wow - it's seriously turned to crap.  Kind of surprised.

I'm sure I'm missing a fair amount of other TV, but that's what I can remember.  What do you watch?


David Bishop said...

I'm really not watching much on TV currently. The Office is pretty much all I watch anymore as it comes on.

I spend so much TV time just watching Netflix episodes. Currently balancing a viewing schedule of Doctor Who, The Wonder Years, and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

I'm really behind on How I Met Your Mother (haven't seen an episode since midway through season 5), and I keep meaning to get into The Big Bang Theory and Community, but I'm so rigid on my policy of starting at the beginning. I just have to wait for Netflix on those.

Nick said...

I was watching Glee until it stopped for a month or whatever.

I'm mainly watching Survivor, Dexter, and The Walking Dead now. I DVR Terra Nova, but have so far only watched 2 episodes. The first episode was good. The second was slightly disappointing.

I, too, have been watching on Netflix. I'm almost done with Season 4 of Star Trek: Next Generation, and I started Season 4 of Psych, which just went up on Instant.

Kano said...

I have to admit, usually there's a new show that really pulls me in each year. This year, not a single one has done that.

I mostly added comedies to my list this year, with the exception of Pan Am (which isn't horrible, but nothing amazing). But, even those comedies have been lackluster.

The one show that I added this year is actually in its third season - The League. I caught up on episodes before the premiere an I love it.

Other than that, still watching a ton of old favorites. Community is still my go-to though, and looking forward to the return of Cougar Town next January. Plus, there is always Dexter.