Friday, June 17, 2011

Reel Insight: Episode 50 - The Anniversary Episode

I can't believe I didn't post an update about this - please forgive my forgetfulness in the midst of birthday shenanigans.  This was so much fun to record and prep for - lots of talk about what we've learned and where the show has gone in the past year.  We get through three more episodes of Twin Peaks and talk about X-Men: First Class.  But then the real retrospective starts.  Also, the surprise for this episode is no Quoteable Quotes, but a game with prizes - send us your guesses by June 30!!!

Oh, and how awesome is our new logo?  Rachel's friggin' amazing!

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The Mad Hatter said...

Better late than never!

In my research for The Anniversary Trivia Spectacular I came up with a counter-question for you:

On Insight Into Entertainment, which three podcast episodes are not tagged 'Reel Insight'?