Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Guys of the 90s - Round Two: Eddie Murphy (2) vs Patrick Swayze (6)

Johnny Depp squeezed out a win over Bruce Willis.  Not sure who I would have voted for, but the tribe has spoken.  Today is the last match up of Round Two.  A funny man and a sexy man - but who is the more iconic man?

Eddie Murphy - 90s Hightlights: Boomerang, The Nutty Professor, Doctor Dolittle

Patrick Swayze - 90s Highlights: Ghost, Point Break, To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar


Univarn said...

In the honorable words of David Spade "look, it's a falling star" - Swayze for the move on, easy.

Nick said...

Went with Swayze for Ghost.

Jess said...

Univarn and Nick - I'd pick Swayze for Point Break.

Nick said...

Honestly, I've only seen Point Break once, quite a long time ago... and I'm not even sure I saw the whole thing.

Dylan said...

Univarn - nice pull! That was a hilarious line from back in the day. So cold, but so true.

Nick - Don't speak to me again until you see Point Break again. ;)

Really, they were both on their way down shortly after the 90s started, but I'm going with you, Jess - Point Break all the way!