Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesdays Movie Mashup No. 16

Well done Hatter!   Still a pretty deep leaderboard, but he's widened his lead.

Last week's clue:  A woman with an ABBA obsession has to deal with two guys who don't belong at her party. 

Answer: Muriel's Wedding Crashers

Leader board
Hatter - 9
David - 3
Sebastian - 1
Andrew - 1 
Rachel - 1
James - 1

New clue: A woman moves to Italy to restart her life after a divorce and meets astronauts on a sci-fi mission.  

The goal is to figure out the two movies who overlap in some words creating a new movie described by the clue.  Leave your answer in the comments. Good luck!   


Fletch said...

Under the Tuscan Sunshine!

Holy shit - I'm on the board!

Rachel said...

That's 2 games you're in on now, Fletch, since you got this past week's SSS.

Jess said...

Well done Fletch! You are right. I hope it wasn't too easy.

Sorry I broke your streak over at Kano's game.

Fletch said...

The first half was easy, I had to think for a split-second on the latter flick.

No worries - I still got a point there? For some reason, she just looked too old in that pic for it to be Fear. My own fault - it's not as though she's known for a lot of movies.