Monday, February 21, 2011

Reel Insight Episodes 34 and 35: Nicole Kidman and Adam Sandler

I have been so remiss, I didn't post an update for our podcast last week, can you believe it?  I was down in New York City for school stuff and we recorded there and I just forgot to post about Episode 34 where we talk Nicole Kidman and the direction of her current career.  This week we discuss Adam Sandler and his 3 career choices - man child with a way too hot woman, serious fare that would mostly be good if they were shorter, and movies just for his kids (Click, Bedtime Stories).  Oh, and a fair amount of TV Talk, lots of discussion of the upcoming Oscars.  Enjoy!

I'll review Adam Sandler's new movie, Just Go With it, in a few days. 

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Fletch said...

Really curious to hear both your thoughts on Sandler's career...