Monday, January 24, 2011

Reel Insight Episode 31: Colin Farrell and The Mad Hatter

Our winner of Quoteable Quotes in December arrived to talk a little TV ("Community", "Being Human" and "Perfect Couples") and new movies ("The Room", "The Tourist", etc.) and the wonderful variety of Colin Farrell's career.  Give it a listen and send feedback to reelinsight at

New Movies with Colin Farrell this week

Ondine - "A fairy tale for grownups" was the best description I read about this Irish story.  Farrell is a fisherman who brings up a mysterious woman in his net one day.  His sick daughter likes to hear the myth of the woman from the water, and the whole movie comes together well.  You know that it won't end up that she's actually mythological, and perhaps the reality is more harsh than expected, but I still loved this and can't wait to watch it again (okay, I didn't always understand the Irish accent so that is necessary).
Triage - Farrell plays a photojournalist who has gone with his buddy to a war-torn area (Kurdish areas maybe?).  They get terrific photos, but can't quite get the money-maker shot until a invasion happens.  Farrell is injured and returns home with more unseen scars than he knows.  It's a good look at how PTSD can work, but it's all the supporting characters that make the story work.
American Outlaws - Wow, for a movie that got a theatrical release, this movie couldn't look, sound or feel more like a bad version of a made-for-TV movie.  I watch and enjoy many movies on TV so this isn't from a bias of sorts, but wow was this un-entertaining.  Farrell plays Jesse James and Scott Caan is Cole Younger and they create their gang.  Ali Larter is James' love and wife, and the movie is dreadful.
Tigerland - set during Vietnam, this war drama doesn't exactly cover new ground (I was strangely reminded of An Officer and a Gentleman and expected Louis Gossett Jr. to make Farrell do sit-ups), but the movie is a much better drama without the romance.  Farrell is a smart bad-ass who helps his buddies work the system to get out of the army.  They're in Louisiana doing their last training before shipping overseas.  The supporting cast is again terrific and Farrell leads the group without actually overwhelming the film.  Good, but not really my favorite.

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Fletch said...

Jolly good show. I still need to see Tigerland, and Ondine is on my Flicks to Watch in 2011 list, so I'll hammer it out soon enough.

You guys more or less mentioned this, but I've thought for years that Ferrell was always good in his native accent and crap when he tried an American one on for size. He must be getting better, though, because he was solid (if not in it all that much) in Crazy Heart. Though he did have a slight twang, didn't he?

One of these days, I'll get back on the Quotable Quotes bus, I swear...