Thursday, January 6, 2011

LAMB devours the Oscars!!

It's almost here! For the first time I'm going to be running this feature (my favorite!).  If you weren't a member last year, here's a little summary of what goes on: for the past three years, we've had an event where a different LAMB wrote up an analysis of each award that the Academy would be handing out once we find out who is nominated.  Then Dylan got commitments from everyone, took volunteers for the "lesser" categories and randomly assigned the major ones. You can do a review of the films, give your predictions, etc.  Whatever you like.  You can click here to check out some previous articles. What we ended up with was a diverse, excellently-written daily series timed to lead up and stop on the day prior to the Oscars.

If you're interested in taking part this year, please respond to this to me via email ( Serious interest only, please, as we can't have empty days. There are but 24 categories at the Academy Awards, but the Academy, in it's infinite wisdom, gave us the chance to do 33 different essays with a focus on each of the 10 Best Picture nominees in addition to the 23 other categories.  However, with nearly 800 LAMBs, it'll be first come, first served for starters.

The nominations are handed out on January 25th. The awards show is on February 27th. Typically, LAMB Devours the Oscars ends on the day before the show. The span of time from nominations to awards is once again 33 days so we're all set.  We will be starting on the day of the nominations and ending on the day before the show.  I will need some brave souls to do their write-ups early to make sure we start on time and continue each day.

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