Tuesday, September 7, 2010

DVD Round-up: Jennifer Aniston

There's not a lot to say about these movies except that one is slightly better than the average romantic comedy (Management) and one is slightly better than the worse movie ever made (The Bounty Hunter).  The Bounty Hunter looked like it was going to be funny, but sadly, it was painful.  I would have settled for dull, but this was really really really bad.  Aniston plays a reporter trying to get ahead in her career and figures out how to expose some major crime, possibly by mafia (not made clear).  Her ex-husband,Gerard Butler, left the police and is now a bounty hunter.  When she skips a court appearance for a parking violation, he's sent to pick her up.  They fight like siblings and have no chemistry.  Aniston looks really fake, and wearing tight, short dresses makes her look plastic not sexy.  Butler has an unbelievably bad American accent (when it wasn't necessary that he be an American, he could have been Scottish and moved to the US, whatever).  They spend some time trying to escape the bad guys who want to kill her, and of course fall for each other again and expose the story.  Worst movie of 2010 so far.  1 lambs/stars

The second movie is from a few years ago, but I'm a sucker for Steve Zahn, and Jennifer Aniston happens to be in it too.  Zahn plays the son of a couple who own a motel.  He's their night-time management when Aniston checks in.  He uses some sad moves to get to know her ("Management would like to offer you a complimentary bottle of wine") but his moves kind of win her over.  She goes home and when he realizes what he's lost he goes after her, but she doesn't want to commit to a guy who lives in a corner room at a motel his parents own.  He goes home to rethink his life and still wants to be with her, but she's gone back with her old boyfriend (an insane Woody Harrelson).  Zahn decides to parachute into their pool to get her attention again.  While she would like to be with Zahn, she's preggers and needs to be with a steady guy.  Of course it ends well, but the details fairly unique.  It's a sweet little movie that just barely defies its rom-com roots.  3 lambs/stars


Castor said...

I should watch The Bounty Hunter just so I can have my monthly rip-a-rom-com post ;)

Jess said...

Castor - You'd have a LOT of fodder with the Bounty Hunter. I'd love to read that.

Fletch said...

Saw Management in theaters, if you believe that. It's...ok. Really, I think Aniston brings down just about every movie she's in anymore. Zahn is likable, but jeez, how long can he keep playing lovable losers?

I do recall Harrelson cracking me up.