Monday, February 1, 2010

Good TV: Human Target

One of the many benefits to living on the Canadian border is Canadian television (CJOH and CTV for those who care). So far this has brought me full seasons of The Tudors (before the DVD release, but after the airing on Showtime), and allowed me to watch the shows that are shown opposite several others (they air CSI at 8pm, instead of 9, when I prefer Grey's or Fringe). This is what I like best, when they air a show on a better day, preferably an earlier day than it airs in the states. Right now, they air the new show "Human Target" on Monday nights, instead of Wednesday after Idol in the US. So I don't have to wait until Wednesday to see it. It stars Mark Valley (his father was my high school principal!) from "Fringe", and Chi McBride (recently from "Pushing Daisies"), and Jackie Earle Haley (seemingly attempting to remove the tarnish from his fantastic turn in Little Children). The three of them operate a body-guard for hire agency that runs just a little outside the law, not always, but sometimes (and I'm told is based on a comic book, though it's hard to tell). Valley plays Christopher Chance (one of his aliases) a former special forces military savant, and McBride is his straight-man side kick who makes things happen while Valley's in the field doing the action stuff. It has a small cast, though so far the guest stars have been lots of fun (Tricia Helfer - "BSG", Sean Maher - "Serenity") and speaks well for the future of the series. My only complaint is the opening credits. The design is terrific, but the music is awful, totally doesn't go with an action series at all. I like the series, and LOVE that I can watch it early (not sure why it matters, but it's fun to know I see it earlier than the rest of the States). I hope they keep it going for a while.

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