Thursday, September 24, 2009

TV that makes me laugh

"You know there's a question I get asked a lot. Whether I'm accepting an honorary degree or performing a citizens arrest, people ask me, 'Sue, what's your secret?'." - Jane Lynch on Glee

The second thing that made me laugh really hard this week was "Cougar Town". Courtney Cox's new series is not the semi-gross topic I thought it might be. Instead she really doesn't want to be a cougar, but is trying to find a way to be happy, but the different ways she embarrasses herself and her son are just hysterical. She's doing a terrific version of a more mellow "Monica", and it's so much fun. Check it out Wednesdays. In this photo, they're chasing down one of that kids that have been stealing her real estate signs because she's posing with her boobs hanging out. Busy Philips plays her assistant and chose the photo. Hilarity ensues.

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Anonymous said...

Dearly love Busy Phillips, particularly as Kim Kelly in "Freaks & Geeks". "Cougartown" wasn't near as bad as its name.