Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Why I love David Krumholtz

Anyone who knows my dating history knows I tend to go for geeky guys, so in some ways David Krumholtz is my Brad Pitt. And this love has a bit of a history. Here's why I love David Krumholtz:

"Numb3rs" - Krumholtz plays Charlie Epps, a math genius who uses all his abilities to help solve crimes with his brother Don (Rob Morrow) at the FBI. He lives with his Dad (Judd Hirsh) too (or since he owns the house, his dad lives with him?) and dates one of his former grad students, Amita (Navi Rawat). His former mentor and current colleague is the brilliant Peter MacNicol (so hilarious on Ally McBeal). They solve crimes, try to figure out normal society, how to use your gifts to serve others, and how to be a family. It's a fun show for nerds, and anyone into math. I heard on NPR they even have a module for school kids to better understand the math on the show and have fun learning. Krumholtz is awesome. It's hard to believe one person would know that much math, but he pulls it off.

Serenity - Krumholtz just had a small, but pivotal, part in the movie of the space cowboy story Serenity as Mr. Universe. He seemed to have access to all the electronic media in the galaxy and helped out Mal and others when they needed it, so of course he's a good guy. His wedding with the robot is hysterical.

The Santa Clause (1 &2) - This is a thankless part in a possibly forgettable Christmas series (not in my house, I just watched the first one while decorating the tree, and the next 2 are up soon), but that doesn't mean he doesn't do it well. Krumholtz plays Bernard, the head Elf at the North pole. He guides the new Santa (Tim Allen) through his responsibilities as the new Santa. His quick paced dialogue and no-nonsense business-like attitude give credence to the North Pole as a business AND a magical place.

"ER" - He only guest starred in 3 episodes (in two different seasons) as a schizophrenic law student who has a break and kills Lucy (Kellie Martin) and stabs Carter (Noah Wyle) sending him in a tailspin of drug addiction. He's innocent looking, but once he goes off he's scary enough that you remember him 2 seasons later when he reappears.

10 Things I Hate About You - Probably not his best role, but definitely my favorite. He's the super geek at Verona High School (ousted by his clique when a rumor spreads that he busy his izods at an outlet) who introduces Joseph Gordon-Leavitt's character to the school and helps him win the fair Bianca. He's just a background character, and hardly recognizable today, but I still think he's hysterical.


David Bishop said...

Ya know, I've always been interested in Numb3rs, being a math major and all, but I'm just not a crime drama person.

Although, knowing Mr. Universe is involved does help my interest.

Rachel said...

The ending to that first episode of ER with him still blows my mind. Certainly one of the biggest shocks I've ever gotten out of t.v. And briliantly done on his (and everyone's) part. Poor Lucy:(

Jess said...

The crimes in Numb3rs is rarely the most interesting thing in the show. The math (though often implausible in terms of time) is funny, interesting and worth watching.

Rachel, I'm so impressed you remember that scene too - I figured few were still watching ER at that point.

Fletch said...

Ha! It's been forever since I've seen 10 Things, but yeah, he's great in it.

You left out my personal favorite, though - Slums of Beverly Hills. the best are any scenes he shares with Kevin Corrigan.

Jess said...

Fletch, I actually haven't seen Slums of Beverly Hills, but I will. Thanks for the recommendation.