Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Best Friend's Girl is Raunchy

The new movie with Dane Cook, Jason Biggs, and Kate Hudson, My Best Friend's Girl, is not good. Even as a romantic comedy it fails. The weird thing is, most of the acting is actually good, even Dane Cook, really. So the premise is that Dane Cook has a side profession as an asshole. He gets hired by guys who screwed up their relationships, got dumped, and now want the girl back. Cook fits in by being so awful, any guy will look good by comparison. Jason Biggs is in love with his co-worker, Kate Hudson, a monogamy junkie who needs to date around before settling down with nice guy Biggs. So she dates Dane Cook. Fairly obviously from all the commercials, she ends up with Cook. However, you get to watch him be as awful as any human being really can be. Some of it's deliberate, and some is just the writers trying to show off how disgusting and stupid they can be. I actually think this movie could be remade in a way that wasn't disgusting (and I liked the raunchiness of the American Pie series). This movie is over the top and really poorly written. 2 of 5 stars/LAMBS.

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Cat said...

Why does Kate Hudson make all stupid movies all the time now? It seemed like she really had a window after Almost Famous when she could have been in just about anything, and then everything she picks is just abysmal. I guess in some ways she is mirroring her mom's career, which has some pretty lame comedies in there alongside her gems! (I just wish that Kate Hudson had more diamonds in the rough because right now, I see her name in credits, and I predict the badness.)