Sunday, September 14, 2008

Blog Chain Mail...

I know I usually post about movies, and I will as I've just seen a double feature of "The Women" and "Burn After Reading", but as The Nerdy Fashionista tagged me, and I'm very susceptible to this stuff, I'll just do it.

1. Where were you 10 years ago? I was gearing up to start my sophomore year of college. I don't think I'd even left yet to start the fall semester, we had such a late starting school. Comes from having finals after Christmas.

2. What's on your to-do list today? Well, my already done list included "The Women" and "Burn After Reading" so I've pretty much accomplished all I intended.

3. What if you were a billionaire? I'd probably be really tired from working so hard to escape the authorities after stealing the money. However, if I still had energy to spend my billions, I'd definitely buy back my grandparents house (no sad story, they just don't live there anymore and I love the house). I'd install an amazing movie theater in my house to watch every movie I'd own on DVD. Oh, I'd probably give lots of it away to good charities since I've become pretty good on living on meager incomes.

4. Name 5 places that you have lived?
-Potsdam, NY
-Gamboa, Panama
-Nanyuki, Kenya
-Brooklyn, NY
-New York, NY

5. What are 3 bad habits that you have?
- Interrupting when people talk
-Buying ingredients for recipes I never make
-Always letting someone else do the dishes

6. What kind of snack do you like?
This time of year it's definitely candy corn...lots of it.

Next person tagged is Cat at Catherine and Paul


Fletch said...

NY, NY, NY, Panama, Kenya. Very interesting. Stories?

Jess said...

Fletch, thanks for asking. I'm a biologist by training (movie addict by destiny), so I did a semester abroad in Panama studying tropical biology, and then post-college spent a year studying the migration patterns of zebra in central Kenya. The NY stuff is just where I've worked (Bronx Zoo) and am currently doing my graduate work (Columbia). Maybe I'll post fun photos of my travels some time. It'll give me a reason to be sure they're all digitized (I rode the manual/digital transition a bit too slowly).