Thursday, April 17, 2008

Random thoughts

I've been woefully absent from my blog lately, and I apologize as it will continue for a little longer while I'm out of town (and country) for a while. Some random thoughts on entertainment though:

Movies: Finally saw Vantage Point and was enthralled. I loved the repetition and the bad guy being such an unexpected character. I suppose they could have cut it back to just 2-3 repeats, but I still really liked it. The supporting cast was great all around and it totally wasn't the typical terrorists want to capture the president storyline.

TV: I've been less than impressed with the return of most of the regular TV shows. The newest season of Battlestar Galactica is holding its own, and the story is changing the characters we love in new ways. I'm dying for Lost to return, but I'll probably survive another week. Oh, and Big Bang Theory is really stepping up in the comedy department. Since I'm definitely a geek, I find it pretty hilarious. The Britney episode of How I Met Your Mother was great, but otherwise I've been underwhelmed by most of the shows returning.

Podcasts: I've been addicted to This American Life on NPR lately. I can't stop listening to the older episodes I downloaded ages ago and never got around to. Also, I've been pretty pissed at the decreasing quality of podcasts in general. Oh, but if you're a chef, or just like watching people make food, check out the "Cooks Illustrated" podcast, so short and so much fun.

Books: Jodi Picoult is the author I've been reading like crazy. She writes in a style that's part mystery, part drama, with lots of inner-soul searching by all the characters. Also, there's a fun sweet mystery series I'm just finishing by Laura Childs that revolves around a tea shop in Charleston (the main character has the worst luck since she keeps investigating murders!).

Thems my current thoughts on entertainment. Please share yours - or give me good recommendations!

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