Monday, July 26, 2010

Reel Insight: Episode 7 Paul Rudd!

Searching for a good Star of the Week, we found Paul Rudd.  Rarely leading man material, he's accumulated a career of some hits and misses and we discuss them all.  There's now a tie for the lead in our Quoteable Quotes with some newbies gaining ground.  Still time to take the lead.  You can also check out our Fan Page on Facebook, and if you have comments or answers to the Quotes, e-mail us at


David Bishop said...

Your podcast must be getting edgier. ITunes tells me this week's episode is explicit.

Jess said...

David- haha. It's this week's quote drops an f bomb. We're not edgier but our quotes seem to be. Thanks for listening.

David Bishop said...

No problem. You guys are very good articulating your reasons. It makes it hard to disagree with you sometimes.