Thursday, February 28, 2008

TV shows I watch

The writer's strike is finally over and February sweeps held very little that was worth watching, but there are still some fun shows on TV until the general much-loved shows return. Here's my list of what's been worth watching. If you can recommend other shows, I'm all for trying them out.

Monday: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I found this show a little silly during the pilot, but it's becoming more and more interesting as the background story gets more fleshed out and the characters stop hopping through time. They just added Brian Austin Green (Beverly Hills, 90210) to the cast as John Connor's uncle come back from the future. Overall, I like the mystery and uncertainty of whatever will happen.

Oh, and I still watch all the re-runs of How I Met Your Mother. Enough goes on in every episode that it's worth rewatching. Next week is the "Slapsgiving" episode which was one of its best ever.

Tuesday: Until recently Boston, Legal was still running new episodes so I was watching those. Now, not much is on as I won't watch American Idol until after the majority are eliminated.

Wednesday: For the past few months, Wednesday has been saved by Project Runway, but we only get another week of that and it's over! So sad - I hate waiting.

Thursday: Lost has been terrific this season, reinventing its appeal with mysteries about their future rather than just the mystery of the island that defies explanation. And following Lost, the new show Eli Stone has been really terrific. I LOVE the creator - Greg Berlanti (Everwood, Brothers & Sisters) and the show is as "wholesome" and straightforward as Everwood. It's fun to watch, if a little simple in its storytelling.

Friday: Friday Night Lights had more new episodes to show than practically anything (supposedly it comes from shooting in Texas and not having the distractions of LA or New York) so I've been loving keeping in touch with my friends in Dillon. Hopefully this show will return and keep going strong. Also, I love Monk and Pysch, but they run two short seasons a year, in January/February and July/August and this season is now over. I was liking Women's Murder Club but there haven't been any rumblings about bringing it back since the strike. It had potential.

Saturday/Sunday: The new version of Masterpiece Theater has been showing the works of Jane Austen and so far they've been fantastic. They showed a new version of Persuasion and Northanger Abbey, neither of which I'd seen, but both were excellent BBC-type renditions of Austen's lesser-known works. They also showed the wonderful Jennifer Ehle/Colin Firth Pride and Prejudice. They show Mansfield Park this week, and will finish up with a new version of Sense and Sensibility. The quality of the programming has been really terrific.


Anonymous said...

Some great shows there. My favorite ongoing show at the moment has to be Friday Night Lights, and I don't even like American football, go figure. Terminator: The Sarah Connor chronicles is becoming better and better. Prison Break totally surprise me. I was one of the people who wanted it to end after 1 season, and the 2nd season was not as good as the first one, but the 3rd season is even better than the 1st season (after a slow start).

What else? Well I still love Supernatural and Smallville. Criminal Minds is still going strong.

Some great stuff on TV these days.

Julie said...

Slapsgiving was good, but you must admit that the best ever moment of How I Met Your Mother was when Robin was revealed to have been a Canadian pop star!

Tony Tanti said...

I love Lost but I don't watch much else you've listed here.

I'll never forgive Friday Night Lights for replacing Studio 60, an very underated show that was cancelled far too soon.