Sunday, February 26, 2012

Reel Insight Episode 74: Amy Adams

We had a guest!  It was wonderful have another international guest as Joel Burman from Deny Everything and shepherd of the LAMB joined us to talk about the career of Amy Adams.  It was a fun episode - we talked about our new movies.  Our random topic was the perception of Sweden in cinema, and the state of Swedish cinema.  Turns out Rachel knows more than I thought!  Let us know what you think at reelinsight at gmail and we'll read all about it.


Rachel said...

Turns out Rachel knows more than I thought!

Doesn't take a genius to know it looks damn cold in Sweden ;)

Shep. Burman said...

Brilliant tagline Rachel! The Swedish tourist department should hire you as capmaign manager. =)

Thanks for having me on it was a blast!

Rachel said...

How much do they pay?

Jess said...

Rach - it was more your ability to name several Swedish based films. I obviously didn't look up enough and couldn't think of them. Impressive.

Rachel said...

Oh, I know, I took no offense, just thought it was funny.

I do wish I knew more about classic Swedish cinema, so we could've had a deeper discussion in the direction Joel wanted.