Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesdays Movie Mashup No. 55

We have ANOTHER addition to the new leaderboard.  Well done, Andrew from Gman Reviews.  With the holidays over I'll have to go back to plain mashups.  Still can't believe we've passed 50.  

Last week's clue: A couple of entertainers band together to save a friend's Inn in Vermont while a crazy family drives each other nuts and burns down the Christmas tree. 

Answer: White Christmas Vacation

SDG, Ryan, Dylan, Andrew - 1

New clue:  A little girl can talk to dogs but develops an unhealthy best friendship and ends up killing her mom.  

The goal is to figure out the two movies who overlap in some words creating a new movie described by the clue.  Leave your answer in the comments. Good luck!


Kano said...

All Dogs Go to Heavenly Creatures

Jess said...

Well done Keith!!!

Kano said...


I knew the first - had to check on the second. Hope it didn't ruin much for my watching, lol.