Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesdays Movie Mashup No. 51

It took a little longer to get all 5.  If I thought I could keep up 5 every week I would.  Thanks to James, Red, Ryan, and Dylan who answered them all correctly.

1.  A guy breaks away from his rich upbringing to work on an oil rig while his girl attempts to put together a meal using all the apartments in her building to cook it.  
Answer: Five Easy Pieces of April -  RED
2.  A NYC cop learns that there really are little green men who become schizophrenic lesbian ballerinas. 
Answer: Men in Black Swan - JAMES
3. A little boy sees dead people who have to decide whether to marry for love or security
Answer: The Sixth Sense and Sensibility - JAMES
4.  A young man meets the girl of his dreams at a funeral where a couple of older couples spend their time rehashing their marriages and contemplating adultery.
Answer: ElizabethTown & Country - DYLAN
5.  A girl pretends to be her twin brother so she can play soccer while an assassin tries to protect a little girl from Mexican kidnappers.

Answer: She's The Man on Fire - RYAN

Well done guys!!!

Leader board
Hatter - 21

Rachel - 8
James - 7
Dylan - 6
David, Nick - 3
Red - 3 
Sebastian, Andrew, Andy, Keith - 1

And with 55 guesses I'm clearing the leaderboard and starting over!!  There is no prize this time, except the crown of being so far on top, it's crazy.  Well done.

New Clue: A writer spends time in the City of Lights and is transported to meet his heroes in short vignettes that show off the great neighborhoods and tell stories of happy, sad, tragic and touching relationships.   

The goal is to figure out the two movies who overlap in some words creating a new movie described by the clue.  Leave your answer in the comments. Good luck!


Ryan McNeil said...

Midnight in Paris I Love You

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm ahead of Dylan! Now I can just sit back and relax for a while....

Oh wait, you cleared it? Drat.

Jess said...

Half right. Any other guesses?

James, you did finish the first 50 ahead of Dylan.

SDG said...

Midnight in Paris Je T'Aime

Jess said...

SDG (do you have another name you wish to use on the leaderboard) has taken it. Sorry Ryan, I couldn't find anywhere it was called Paris I love you. It's New York, I love you, but the title of the film is Paris Je T'aime.

SDG said...

You can use my First name - Shantanu.
It's fine either ways, no worries. :)

Dylan said...

Wow - that's a technicality if I've ever seen one. You know he had the correct film...but your game, your rules, right?

Jess said...

Dylan, I actually agree it definitely is a technicality. However, I own it, and did a pretty good search online to see if it was ever released as Paris, I love you, and never found it listed that way anywhere, so I couldn't give it to him.