Friday, November 5, 2010

"Every Creation Myth Needs a Devil": The Social Network

I'm slow to get a review done, but I wanted to be sure to add my opinion to the noise about this movie.  It was a well-made movie that showed a really terrific story that may or may not be completely accurate about the founding and development of FACEBOOK.  Mark Zuckerberg (played BRILLIANTLY by Jesse Eisenberg) was obviously an extremely awkward college student (he's fairly clearly some version of autistic or Asperger's) who doesn't care a lot about the niceties of friendship or business.  He allegedly partners with a group of guys to create a website for Harvard that would be exclusive.  The movie makes it seem like he took a kernel of their idea and created a much better one with the investment from a friend.  Eventually he squeezes out the investing friend and makes himself a bajillion dollars. The Social Network flashes between the two court cases when these guys sue him back to the actual events.  It's very well composed and the acting is superb.  If they continue with 10 Best Picture nominations, I predict this will definitely get one.  And so far, Jesse Eisenberg has done of the best acting performances of anyone this year, and will deserve a good look come awards season.  There will definitely be a writing nomination at some point too.  Not really anything new to add to the many other reviews of The Social Network, but I saw Zombieland the next day and now have a new-found respect and admiration for Eisenberg that nearly wipes away Adventureland.  4.5 of 5 lambs/stars

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