Thursday, October 14, 2010

Guest on the MILFcast

Rachel and I brought our podcasting skills (and coincidentally recording skills) to the MILFcast this week.  After a terrific session on Sunday that was lost, here is the new version, new game, new questions, new movies, we only recycled our celebrity impressions (with interesting results!)  Check it out here or on itunes.  Thanks Kai!


Nick said...

Listened earlier! I have to say, Jess... I got Jumanji after the second clue :P .

Jess said...

Yeah, I have come to terms with the fact that LLS and Kai's 21 will never be games I win! I have now won Kai's always right, and I even guessed one correctly last time, but that was lost.

Kaiderman said...

You did just fine! ;)
And the episode turned out great.
Did you listen to the veeeeery end?

Jess said...

Kai, I haven't listened yet, but now I definitely will as soon as possible!