Friday, November 20, 2009

Review on the fly: Fantastic Mr. Fox

I'm currently waiting in the airport for the next flight, but saw Fantastic Mr. Fox last night during my quick stop in the city so figured I'd post before I forgot it. A friend described Wes Anderson (the director) as much less annoying when he's communicating through animals. I agree. All of the depth and seriousness his previous movies (Rushmore, The Royal Tennebaums) though humorous, were often dragged down by their cerebral efforts. Fantastic Mr. Fox makes that seem ironic and funny. The voices are terrific, particularly George Clooney as Mr. Fox. Basically, Mr. Fox is starting a family and has to give up his life of stealing chickens. However, because he's a wild animal he goes back to it with a huge caper. I liked it a lot. I promise to add more, but they're calling my flight.

10pm that day: Arrived safe and sound in Maine. The rest of Fox involves his caper with the rest of the animals, all equally interesting and funny, particularly Bill Murray as a lawyer Badger who tries to get Mr. Fox to see reason about their ability to escape from the three farmers they're stealing from. It's a huge snarl by the time it reaches the end. It is VERY LOOSELY based on the actual book by Roald Dahl, and loses a lot of its child-like humor thanks to the license taken with the plot. Good movie. 4 of 5 Lambs/Stars

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