Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The UGLY truth: review

Yesterday after a difficult task was completed, I treated myself to a matinee of The Ugly Truth, and as it was a Tuesday and a movie that's been open a while, I was the ONLY person in the theater! I loved it. Watched the movie like it was my living room - disobeyed all the rules of movie watching. I checked my phone, texted, listened to voicemail. It was totally fun, and worth it even if the movie wasn't great. The Ugly Truth is the name of a cable-access TV call-in show hosted by Gerard Butler's character, Mike, that tells the truth about what attracts guys - T&A mostly. He oversimplifies things, but I doubt he's wrong. The conflict begins (because what's a romantic comedy without conflict) when Katherine Heigl's character, Abby, a producer for a local news show, confronts him about the assumptions he's making. However, he proves he's right by helping her get a date with her neighbor (a perfectly hot doctor who fits all of Abby's control-freak criteria). They continue to work together and you can see from a long way off that their opposites will attract. The movie is every cliche in the book, with a lot of really vulgar jokes thrown in too. There's no way some of the things he says would pass muster on a morning news show. It's funny in some parts, but doesn't actually show us anything new, and pretty much drags the genre back 10 years with the recurring theme that women are lead by their heads, and men by their crotch. Butler and Heigl do have really good chemistry and Butler is incredibly charismatic (though he talks out of one side of his mouth trying to hide his accent). A decent movie, but nothing great. 3 of 5 Lambs/stars


blakecgriffin said...

Tuesday matinees are great. And being the only person in the theatre is like a little gift from God. Nice review!

Buttercup said...

I didn't think it was on my list to see and now I know it's not. I am a great Gerard Butler fan, so if it was to one day just be on television I am there.