Monday, May 19, 2008

I can't wait for Indy to come back!

There's been lots of talk about the new Indiana Jones movie, and I admit, I'm definitely one of those who can't wait. The Sci-Fi channel's been showing the first three movies in succession for a while, so I caught up on my favorite again - Last Crusade. The first one is classic - saturday matinee classic camp and hurrah with heroes and bad dialogue and unbelievable stories. But "Last Crusade" is a whole other level of ridiculous - mostly related to the awesome dialogue between Sean Connery and Harrison Ford. There are all kinds of lines that have permeated our family lexicon - "No ticket", and "I was the next man". And with the new characters they've introduced in the "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" there could be lots of great lines ahead. Here's hoping the new movie rocks as much as the others.


Anonymous said...

Me, too. The reviews from Cannes look fabulous.


WaywardJam said...

Just a few more days, I can hardly wait!!!