Thursday, January 10, 2008

Excellent Commentary

I love this comment in New York Magazine. I totally agree with her comments on using Philip Seymore Hoffman instead of Will Smith. Here's my I Am Legend, and Charlie Wilson's War. This might have been why I didn't like Legend as much as it's box office would suggest I should.


soundtrackgeek said...

Haha Philip Seymour Hoffman instead of Will Smith. I can't see it myself, but I love Philip Seymour Hoffman, he never seizes to impress me.

I Am Legend is just entertainment, and that's it. It's like Spider-Man 3, if you go into the cinema with no other expectations than be entertained you will be massively entertained.

As for Charlie Wilson's War. I have to go see it. I've heard it's a great story coupled with great acting and it has an excellent soundtrack by James Newton Howard who also happens to make the music for I Am Legend. There's a funny link between the movies for the quizzes.

nick plowman said...

I love PSH. He is one of Hollywoods best. Charlie Wilsons War is only released in South Africa on March 7, and I cannot wait.

That pic is funny, and I think I Am Legend is a waste of life. Thank goodness I never saw it.