Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Random rant...

I can't tell if this is only due to the Writer's strike, but is it weird that Bones showed its Christmas episode last night? This happened last year with Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (a moment of silence for its unfortunate demise) - their Christmas episode aired on December 4th, and then they ran repeats for 3 weeks. The same thing with Bones and House - no new episodes until the new year now. How hard would it be to run the reruns NOW, and then the Christmas themed episodes AT CHRISTMAS! Done ranting...thank you.

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Cat said...

I think it was also relate to the perception that people don't watch TV on/ around the Christmas holiday. Which is odd since clearly the same no TV on a holiday rule does not apply to Thanksgiving, which for whatever reason is a big TV holiday. There was always a Thanksgiving Friends, and after Thanksgiving dinner last year, all the women at the celebration I attended adjourned to the living room to watch Grey's. But even in non-strike-y seasons, Xmas is usually a lull before the storm of February sweeps activity. Wonder if Nielsen did a study at some point showing that nobody watched TV at Christmas (except for Rudolph and the Christmas Story). Also wonder why people would watch more TV over Thanksgiving than Christmas.

Ramble done. :-)