Thursday, October 18, 2007

More TV

Nothing in the new season is jumping out at me as really necessary to watch. But a few shows have really maintained their strength. Ugly Betty has really picked up the story lines from last year and developed them even further - Henry and Betty still seem to be ill-fated lovers that might have a less tragic future than Romeo and Juliet (or whatever the telenovela names would be). Also the whole Amanda-is-Fay's-daughter story is still funny, with Amanda being convinced by Mark that this can be exploited. The stories are still funny and interesting enough to keep watching. House is another one that has become compelling every week, especially with the contest between new interns. They really tossed this show on its ear, taking a VERY good formula and redefining it with new characters and stories, without removing the previous story lines that were working so well. But, they managed to cast and write really good characters as the new interns, and it only develops House's reputation to have all these other doctors bowing at his feet. It was getting hard to remember what a brilliant doctor he is purported to be.

However, while there are two shows hanging on and making strides, there are a few that just haven't stepped up and are in danger of falling off the radar. Heroes had such a brilliant first season - a totally new concept, well thought-out with a long arc with small achievements, so it was hard to lose interest. However, we're three episodes into this season, and I can't figure out what's going on, and why none of the characters seem to know or recognize each other. There was this huge coming together at the end of last year, and yet most of the characters still seems to think the best way to survive is to go off on their own. Most of last year was about discovering others with their talents, and there was drama in that, who would have powers, what would they be, and how can they all defeat Sylar. This season, the best I can figure is the funny symbol seems to be dangerous. That's a big step down from last year. Another show that took a long time to get going this season is Weeds. I'm hoping Heroes will pick up later, and Weeds really seems to be getting back on its initial zaniness. The first few episodes took forever to get rid of the storyline left over from last season, so those were pretty boring. However, it's starting to look up.

Anything anyone would like to recommend that doesn't seem to be making my radar? I'm still interested in new shows. Or rediscovering old ones.


Cat said...

I'm enjoying Desperate Housewives a lot so far. And I loove Dexter (though you would need to catch up on Season One on DVD). I think I'm enjoying this season of Grey's more than you are so far, but I'm two episodes behind, so I shouldn't say that. I've been disappointed in the Office (which I don't think you watch) because they've been doing hour long episodes, which the comic writers don't seem to be able to pull off. Paul and I need to catch up with Chuck, so I don't know how that is going, and Dirty Sexy Money (which we've only watched the first episode of) had some promising bits but seemed overall strange and weird to me. I think you're right that overall so far, it's been a lackluster TV season.

I am bummed to hear that Heroes has been muddled so far. I had many frustrations with Season One at first, and then I loved the way that they concluded it. I thought the season finale was simply perfect. We finished watching it on DVD last week, and it was so satisfying.

Speaking of TV on DVD (man, this comment is too long!), Paul and I are very amused at HIMYM Season Two on DVD so far. Sure, the show is kinda derivative, but it's cute, and the characters are appealing. It's been fun so far.

Jess said...

Oh, I agree, Desperate Housewives has really stepped it up this season. They gave a good story line to the new people - who are both creepy and funny this time with a great mystery that doesnt' bog down the story. It's been funny. I do like Grey's and it's getting better - this week was pretty terrific. Don't think I'm going to get into Dexter - a little too much terror for my taste. I'm a few behind on Bionic woman and I so wanted to like it, it just doesn't grab me like the others do.