Friday, June 6, 2008

Sex and the City is Awesome!

Definite spoiler alert! I saw Sex and the City: The Movie last night with 2 girlfriends and we loved it. The theater wasn't particularly full, but it was nearly all women, as you'd expect. The ages of the women did surprise me - though given the other movie at our duplex theater is still Indiana Jones perhaps it was just the better choice. And it definitely was the better choice. It's a great movie. It's very true to the original series - they focus on fashion, men are plot devices not characters, and they travel all over New York City. However, the movie kicks it up a notch. They have the time to do mini-fashion montages (bad 80s dresses, fabulous wedding dresses, and clothes from the original series) which the TV show wouldn't have time for. They also have the time to develop a few stories a little longer than the show would have been able to - like Carrie's devastation and recovery. She is heartbroken and swept away by her friends to recover, and she really looks as broken as the rest of us feel - like the world should stop until you figure out how to live again. I cried twice during the movie, once in sadness when Carrie is hurt and once in happiness when Charlotte gets great news (sorry, I'm trying not to completely let the surprises out). The side story lines - Miranda's relationship struggles, Samantha's identity problems, and Charlotte's happy life - are all perfectly complementary. Isn't that always the truth - when one of your girlfriend's lives is falling apart another comes through and is getting everything she always wanted and you look at them both trying to figure out where you're stuck in the middle? I think Sex and the City does a great job creating characters that are compilations of people - there's no way any individual person could be all the things Miranda, Samantha or Charlotte are, but pieces of each of them are present in all of us all the time. I loved the movie, and highly recommend it to anyone who liked the series, even if you didn't know much about it you'll like the movie. Oh, and Jennifer Hudson's addition as Carrie's personal assistant is terrific. She's a little stereotyped as the modern 20-something add on who knows all the current best ideas for cheap fashion (Bag, Borrow and Steal anyone?), but she's a great actress and proves she can do comedy and hang with the big girls. Loved it!
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